No more unnecessary stress for your trip to your dream destination.

Whether you are traveling alone, with your family or your best friends, a private charter flight will ensure the luxurious comfort and complete privacy you desire during your flight. We are now living in a new era that Covid is unfortunately part of, and you should not worry about this either…

Not only are there 80% fewer touchpoints that reduce the risk of infection, delay, cancellation,… we also provide the necessary documents. We will look this up for you and ensure that everything is correctly and fully completed and sent to the right services.

Get access to more locations around the world with faster check-ins and private terminals, enjoy minimal time wasted and avoid all the usual airport queues so you have more time to enjoy your visit faster.

The chartering of a private jet brings the pleasure back into vacation trips.

Privé terminals

5-stars (pet)service

Faster safety checks

Efficient, quick check-in

Luxurious VIP lounge

Delays are unlikely

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