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As a “boutique broker” we can offer a highly personalized service to our customers, tailored to their needs and preferences. Because our workforce is small, the customer can talk directly to the top managers to address issues or concerns. Moreover, because our overhead costs are relatively low, we can offer very competitive prices.

Our customers are happy to be heard. Nothing frustrates more than when you call your broker and the first thing you hear is ‘not possible’ or ‘no availability’. We are happy to think along with you about the ideal solution.

Know what you want. If your request is unique, extraordinary or out of the box, welcome to Jetworld! Starting up in a crisis like Corona was a choice that many would not have made, yet Jetworld did.

So ain’t no crisis big enough, ain’t no request scary enough.

We look forward to receiving your unique, specific, or even extraordinary request. We like to think along and preferably in solutions. You won’t hear us say ‘no’ often.

Do you have a specific question or would you like a custom quote? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.


As your executive flight broker we relieve you from all your flight concerns so you can concentrate on your meeting ahead or on
the deal you are about to close. Or just sit back, relax and start your holiday in our jet.
Jetworld has selected the best partner-operators to provide you a wide range of possibilities.
We specialize in tailor-made executive flights, providing reliable and high quality services for our clients.


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